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We could never do your job. But we can help you do it better.

No amount of expert outsourcing can ever fill the role of a dedicated full-time IT Manager. Abacus IT understands that the firsthand knowledge and expertise you provide is an invaluable company resource. Our team of dedicated IT Support Technicians works to supplement your existing capabilities and provide backup IT services for you and your team on an as-needed basis.

Consider us your secret weapon. We're on call around the clock to fill in the gaps with things like email technology migrations, email/phone system integration, network support, system-wide security solutions, wider area network creation and much more. Abacus employs the latest industry knowledge and expertise to provide you with the supplemental IT resources you need to handle large projects or short-notice turnarounds, working behind the scenes to make your IT team look good.

Discover The Power Of The IT Managers' Secret Weapon