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In addition to providing customized professional project-based IT service for clients with infrequent or occasional IT support requirements, Abacus offers two distinct bundled service programs tailored to fit your company’s unique IT support needs.

Whether you require regular IT consulting, support and service or just temporary supplemental assistance completing a specific IT project, you can count on Abacus.

ProAbacus GOLD™ offers the highest, most comprehensive level of IT support, encompassing every Abacus IT service option and providing your company with an on-site specialist.

ProAbacus SILVER™ offers clients a robust IT service package with a dedicated off-site consultant always on-call to provide expert troubleshooting, support and quick fixes as needed.

ProAbacus Projects provides customized IT consulting and support services on a project by project basis for those times when your business requires isolated short-term solutions or supplemental assistance with a complex IT challenge.

ProAbacus Compliance Care™ provides a program designed to minimize costs, increase productivity and prepare your organization for your next annual IT audit.