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Better planning. Better scheduling. Cost tracking. Improved order management. PBS Manufacturing is a fully integrated manufacturing software solution that fits the needs of most small to mid-sized manufacturers.

Manufacturing Modules

                                Inventory Management

Helps you maintain accurate inventory control and pricing information about purchased and manufactured items. This package contains many extra features such as basic shop order scheduling and shop order material requirements planning (MRP) that allow implementation of some MRP order control and shop floor scheduling before installing the more fully featured packages for those functions.

                                Product Definition

Provides the tools to create Bills of Material, Work Centers, and manufacturing Routings, which are used for automating tasks like cost estimating, scheduling and material planning.

                                Customer Order Processing

Helps streamline your order management cycle and improve customer service and satisfaction. You can easily enter sales orders, maintain accurate records, advise customers of order status and item availability, and issue invoices promptly. Sales analysis and history features provide a valuable tool for management.

                                Product Purchasing

Provides you with a complete system for procurement management. Track and control purchases from your vendors to support a Just In Time schedule.

                                Master Scheduling and MRP

Provides a simple but powerful tool for automation of sales, production, and material requirements planning. It’s perfect for companies in need of forecast planning or who produce complex products with numerous material requirements.

                                Capacity Planning

Assists in developing optimal production plans that are based on your requirements and plant capacity. Production bottlenecks and backload problems are identified before they occur. Loading at critical work centers can be planned and simulated. Capacity Planning is a powerful tool for better scheduling, routing, and manpower planning.

                                Shop Floor Control

Gives accurate and timely information on jobs, work-in-process, and production activity for production management. It allows detail planning and scheduling, and highlights shop floor problems as they occur. It also provides the tools you need to collect labor in real-time using bar coded shop floor documents.

                                Manufacturing Job Costing

Allows you to track detailed actual costs on jobs and compares these to the original estimates. Data is collected and reported in real-time allowing you to manage costs at any point in the manufacturing process, maximizing profitability.

                                Options and Interfaces

PBS Manufacturing may be integrated with PBS Financial modules. This minimizes duplicate data and maximizes your investment by helping you gain control of your entire business operation. Learn more about our additional options: ODBC interface, Thin Client, Lot & Serial Control, and EDI, and others.
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