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ProAbacusComplianceCare is a program designed to minimize costs, increase productivity and prepare your organization for your next annual IT audit.  This specially designed program deals with your information security policies, managing your IT assets, monitoring your IT assets, the maintenance of your audit handbook along with many other features.

Are you ready for ProAbacusComplianceCare ?

  • When was your last risk assessment performed? 
  • How are you handling your business continuity planning?
  • Are your IT costs not measuring properly against your organizations size?
  • Do you get caught up in dealing with your various IT equipment manufacturers in an effort to remediate a support issue?
  • How do you manage your level of risk as it relates to information security on your network infrastructure?
  • Is your security officer armed with all the necessary tools needed to ensure that risk is managed, monitored, reported and auditable?

Get back to your core business and let Abacus IT take on the assessments, planning, analytics and management needed to keep you compliant.  The ultimate goal of ProAbacusComplianceCare is to manage risk within your IT infrastructure and assist in your annual audits.

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